What is a Wall Decal?

A wall decal is a beautiful work of art that is made-to-order for you. It's made form very thin vinyl material and when the wall decals are placed on your wall, they look painted on

How is it made?
A cut wall decal is made using the highest quality vinyl in one of our many colors selections. The decal is cut from a roll of solid colored vinyl. After the excess vinyl is removed, your decal is covered with transfer tape. This will allow you to peel off the back of the decal and apply the decal to the wall. If your cut wall decal has multiple colors, your decal will be shipped in multiple pieces.

How long do the wall decals last?
Our wall decals are made to last for many years .
5-7 years indoors/3-5 years outdoors.

How can I remove the decal?
Wall decal removal is quite simple. All of our wall decals are made using removable adhesive, so to prevent damaging your wall someday when the decal is removed. Start in the corner of your wall decal and pull slowly at a steep angle. Wall may require touch-up paint or repair, depending on the age of the decal and finish of the wall.

Do wall decals work on textured walls?
In most cases, yes. Some textured paints, such as sandy or gritty, will cause resistance with the adhesive on the vinyl.

Are decals easy to apply?
Each wall decal comes with a step by step instruction. Your room décor will look perfect with your new wall sticker. If you are applying a large wall decal you may want to have the help of someone.

Can I apply decal to any surface?
As long as you have a surface that is flat and clean, you will be able to apply your wall decal. This includes mirrors, doors, glass, cars and even wood.

Where are decals made?
All wall decals that we create are all made in the USA.

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